Links for Frederick Jackson Turner's Significance of the Frontier in American History


Frederick Jackson Turner: a biogrraphy by Martin Ridge in The Reader's Companion to American History , Houghton-Mifflin Co.
Frederick Jackson Turner: a biography and analysis from PBS.
Progressive Historiography: Frederick Jackson Turner: a brief synopsis of Turner's thesis from Mike Crane on From Revolution to Reconstruction.
F.J. Turner's Frontier Theory 'Characteristics': a succinct list thereof from the Department of Translation Studies, University of Tampere.
The Frontier: an analysis of Turner's thesis from Grant McCracken on Culture by Commotion.
Frederick Jackson Turner and the Gospel of Wealth: an extended analysis from Joshua Derman as printed in the Concord Review.
The Myth of the Garden and Turner's Frontier Hypothesis: chapter 22 of Henry Nash Smith's Virgin Land: the American West as Symbol and Myth available from the University of Virginia.
Lewis and Clark: Misperception and Reality: by Charles E. White on the Army web site.
The Turner Thesis: After Ninety Years it Still Lives On: an essay on Turner and his critics by Thomas C. McClintock in The Journal of the American West, from the University of Virginia.
Shane and the Turner Thesis: Turner and the Hollywood western from David Daly and Joel Persky. "The Western: Myth and Reality," Journal of the West.
Frederick Jackson Turner, 1910: a bibliography of Turner's works from the American Historical Association.
Frederick Jackson Turner, "The Significance of the Frontier in American History": Study questions, but also a bibliography of works on Turner from Professor Catherine Lavender of The College of Staten Island of The City University of New York.
An Annotated Bibliography of the American Frontier Heritage: from Laurie Kovacovic of the University of Minnesota.
The Frontier in American Literature: a bibliography of works on the frontier from Paul P. Ruben of Califonia State University, Stanislaus.