OOOOThe Department of Veterans' Affairs


OOOOBeing, as it is, dedicated to providing services to veterans, the Department's web site is exceptionally transparent and easy to use. The main topics pertaining to veterans' benefits are listed clearly on the home page

The official site. Its best just to follow the topics; but see too the Site Map, their VA 1-Stop Service Inquiry Page, and the HyperFAQ search tool.
Board of Veterans' Appeals
The Board hears appeals from veterans who dispute claims determinations made by local VA offices.
Center for Women Veterans
Fairly self-explanatory.
" Health Benefits & Services
Three extensive, though not complete lists of benefits, services and reasearch initiatives falling within the VA.
Office of Acquisition & Materiél Management
Manages the purchases and distribution of goods and services within the VA, and to other departments.
" Office of Congressional Affairs
Liason with Congress. A good place to go for information on legislation pending before Congress, laws and regulations pertaining to veterans' issues and lists of House and Senate Committees dealing in veterans' affairs.
Office of Financial Management
From the Chief Financial Officer, much of the site isn't working.
Office of the General Council
The General Council interprets and enforces laws and regulations pertaining to the Department. There is among other things, a list of the GC's opinions.
Office of Information and Technology
Mostly how the Department arranges its own communication systems; but contains FOIA requests under Electronic Reading Room.
" Publications Index: Clearinghouse for VA documents.
Office of the Inspector General
The IG is the chief internal investigative official of the Department.
" Office of Audit: Includes audit reports of VA facilities around the country.
" Office of Healthcare Inspections: Includes reports of VA facilities around the country.
" Office of Investigations: Reports of investigations taken under the OIG.
Office of Management & Administration: Manages requests for information to OIG, including FOIA.
" Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs
Press releases and publications pertaining to specific and general veterans' issues of interest to the public. These include a number of benefit programs as well as papers addressing specific topics such as agent orange and post traumatic stress disorder.
Strategic & Capital Plans
How the Department sees itself and its future.
" Veteran Data and Information
Demographics and statistics.