OOOOThe Department of Treasury


OOOLike the Department of State, Treasury has arranged its site thematically under "Browse Key Topics". From the topics pages, explore the "Subtopics", "Offices", "Bureaus" and "Education". Some are listed below.

The official site.
" Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Prints money, stamps and securities.
Bureau of Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Clearinghouse for multi-organization eradication of money-laudering.
" Internal Revenue Service
Forms and regulations. See also Tax Stats.
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Charters and regulates federal banks. Look under "Public Information".
Office of Domestic Finance
Advises on the "domestic financial system, fiscal policy and operations, governmental assets and liabilities, and related economic and financial matters". Provides a quick link to some treasury finances.
Office of Financial Institutions: Financial institutions policy, financial education and Sallie Mae oversight.
" Office of Financial Markets: Inter alia, debt management, market oversight and regulation, and federal debt.
O"OOffice of Debt Management: Statistics on government borrowing.
" Office of Fiscal Service
O"OBureau of the Public Debt: See what we owe.
O"OFinancial Management Services: "Uncle Sam's money manager."
O"OOffice of Cash & Debt Management: Treasury statements and public debt statement.
" Office of Economic Policy
Analyzes and reports on likely economic developments, assists in budget formulation, and publishes Social Security and Medicare Reports. Also maintains the government's record of total taxable resources.
Office of the Inspector General
Oversees and sets goals for the department.
Office of International Affairs
Advises and executes policy on foreign financial and economic issues, including foreign investments in the U.S.
" Exchange Stabilization Fund: How Treasury works with and effects the currency exhange market.
" Standards and Codes: How Treasury thinks foreign economies should work.
" Treasury International Capital System: Statistics on foreign ownership of U.S. debt, and vice versa.
" Treasury International Programs: Money provided through multilateral financial institutions for foreign development.
" Office of Public Affairs
As they say, "Visit the Press Room..."
" Office for Tax Policy
Advises on and formulates tax policy, including the current administrations tax legislation: the 2007 Bluebook and specific proposals.
" Office of Tax Analysis: Their working papers provide interesting insight on the effects of tax policy.
Office for Terrorist Financing and Financial Crime
Includes financial crime enforcement, IRS criminal investigations and foreign asset control and seizure.
Office of Thrift Supervision
Regulates federal- and state-chartered savings banks and savings and loans.
Office of the Treasurer
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
Oversees and sets goals for the IRS.
U.S. Mint
Manufactures both U.S. and foreign coinage, medals and bullion.