OOOOThe Department of Transportation


The official site.
" Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Lots of information, and a good place to wander about.
O"OTranstats: Under "Data". Everything from accident rates to any conceivable financial indicator relating to transportation.
O"ONational Transportation Library: Down-loadable research, analysis and policy on all modes of transportation.
O"OLinks: Inter alia, a list of regional, state & local airports, DoTs and transit systems.
Federal Aviation Administration
Some practical information for passengers including real-time airport status and historical airline on-time statistics, as well asregulations having to do with air travel. There is also information for pilots. The FAA security functions have been transferred to the Transportation Security Administration, a part of the Department of Homeland Security.
Federal Highway Administration
Includes national highway closure information.
OOOFreight Management & Operations: Basically trucking: routes, economics, finances, programs & policies.
O " Highway History: From the early 20th century, a good discussion of the topic.
OOOOffice of Bridge Technology: Among other things, Bridge Statistics.
O " Office of Highway Policy Information: Statistics on fuels, funding and safety, including National Household Travel Survey.
OOOOffice of Infrastructure: Interesting for the Economic Analysis Primer and National Highway Specifications.
O " Office of Highway Policy Information: Statistics on fuels, funding and safety, including National Household Travel Survey.
O " Office of Policy: Includes, cost-benefit analyses and issues of highway construction and use.
OOOOffice of Strategies and Program Areas: Policy and advice for managing the nation's road and highway traffic.
OOOPlanning, Environment & Realty: Pretty much what it says. The "Realty" part is eminent domain policy.
OOOTurner Fairbank Highway Research Center: Research and DOT periodicals.
OOOWestern Federal Lands Highway Division and Central Federal Lands Highway Division: Recent hot-button areas.
O " National Traffic & Road Closure Information: Often includes current highway conditions depending on the state.
Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration
Rules, regulations and statistics related to trucking and passenger transport.
Federal Railroad Administration
Rules, regulations and statistics related to both freight and passenger railroads. See their site index.
Federal Transit Administration
Federal planning and funding for public transportation.
Maritime Administration
The Merchant Marine plus ports, ship-building and waterways.
" National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
All aspects of highway and vehicle safety. Most of the wealth of what it offers is available directly from the home page.
Office of Inspector General
External and internal investigatory body.
Research and Special Programs Administration
Umbrella research organization integrating all aspects of transportation, including hazmat handling and pipeline saftey.
O"OTransportation Safety Institute: Training facility covering transit, highway, avaiation, conatiner, hazmat and pipelines.
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Includes rules, regulations, a handbook and cruise suggestions.
Surface Transportation Board
An independent adjudicatory body administratively housed within the Department of Transportation, responsible for the economic regulation of interstate surface transportation, primarily railroads, within the United States.