OOOOThe Department of State


OOOOThe State Department's web site is clear and easy-to-use for what it offers, the result of a department having "repackaged" itself for the consumer. The main pages do not adhere to the actual structure of the department (see Department Organization, below), but are arranged thematically. Most of the links below are available from the home page. We provide some of them as highlights and invite you to explore the rest.

The official site.
Business & Travel Center
What the department offers to U.S. businesses trading, or seeking to trade in foreign nations, along with passport and visa information.
" Countries & Regions
Lists of foreign heads of state, our ambassadors and foreign ambassadorial staff in the United States. Interesting are the Post Reports which offer information on specific countries and cities tailored for U.S. ambassadorial staff. Also find travel warnings here.
Department Organization
A good discussion of the Department, its offices, and how they work. See also the Alphabetical List of Bureaus & Offices.
History, Education and Culture
A history of American diplomacy as well as the Department's domestic and foreign educational and cutural outreach programs.
International Issues and Topics
A page of useful links; everything from arms control to women's issues. Some are below. The list given is only the highlights.
Article 98 Agreements: How and why the U.S. avoids International Criminal Court jurisdiction.
Bureau of International Security and Non-Proliferation: Among other things, read the Chemical and Biological Weapons Convention.
Bureau of International Organization Affairs: The United States' liason with the United Nations and other international organizations.
" Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: State-Defense link.
" Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration: Read the Refugee Admissions Reports to Congress.
Bureau of Verification & Compliance: Where Sate keeps watch over on treaty and agreement compliance.
Directorate of Defense Trade Controls: Want to export some arms?
" Human Rights: Read the Annual State Department Human Rights Reports. .
" International Affairs Budget: The core fuding for U.S. foreign policy.
Middle East Peace and the Road Map
" Office of the Global AIDs Coordinator
" Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
" U.S. National Security Strategy: Documents describing the Bush Administration's foreign policy.
Weapons of Mass Destruction: This is a broken link, not only on this site, but on the State Department's site index as well. Perhaps the feeling is, the less said the better.
Future State: U.S. Department of State for Youth
The interesting stuff is under "When" and "Where", unless you're planning a career in the State Department.
Press and Public Affairs
In its briefings and publications, the Department's public face.
" Travel and Living Abroad
This is a digest of services provided by the more comprehensive Bureau for Consular Affairs. The digest includes foreign emergencies and travel advisories plus information on visas, passports, medical and legal services abroad, adoption and marriage, plus links to outside information.
" Treaty Affairs
Access to treaties in force and those pending. The document only lists the treaties, it does not provide their text. The Department does, however, maintain its own list, with texts, of arms control treaties.
" U.S. Agency of International Development
USAID manages U.S. foreign aid. Under Budget & Strategic Planning find the Green Book which lists all foreign aid grants and loans 1945 to 2006.