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The official site. Main topics and Quick Links are prominently featured on the home page.
Site Map
Alphabetical index of site content. The DOE covers all things energy, from current prices, to alternative fuels, to how to buy an energy-efficient refridgerator, to the history of America's nuclear tests.
Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center
Fuels and the vehicles which use them. You can also look for an alternative fuel source near you, and look up state regulations intended to encourage their use and development.
Annual Energy Review 2007
Interesting figures on consumption and the environment. See also the historical section, as if 2005 weren't historical enough.
Includes the Budget Justification, a Performance Report and a list of budgets from smaller agencies within Energy.
Energy Citations Database
Searchable (not browsable) database of DOE documents ostensibly going back to 1943.
Energy Information Administration
Very useful page with facts and figures on energy, energy usage and the environment, both national and international.
Environment, Safety & Health
Don't overlook Knowledge Management Tools for a wealth of subject related links and documents, some no longer available to the public.
Fuel Economy Guide
Compare fuel economy between passenger vehicles. Calculate the carbon footprint of your vehicle.
National Nuclear Security Administration
Defense, naval reactors and non-proliferation, including the DoE's work with other nations to secure nuclear materials.
A collection of radiation and health websites from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, including rules, regulations, health issues and an easy-to-use decay calculator.
Office of Environmental Management
Managing the legacy of nuclear weapons development, primarily the clean-up and storage of nuclear materials.
Office of Procurement and Assistance Management
The Department of Energy's central repository of contractual information for all unclassified procurement and financial assistance awards.
Office of Scientific and Technical Information
A collection of web site making available DOE current (more or less) and historical publications.
The Press Room
What the DOE offers on policy.