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The official site.
Department Site Map
Main categories of the site.
Offices & Staff
Map of DE's organizational structure.
Budget Office
Not only the budget, but the justifications for individual programs funded by DE. Also find the Inspector General's reports, and the GAO's High Risk Improvement Plan - essentially the GAO's recognition that certain areas of the government are prone to "waste, fraud and abuse", with ntheir recommendations to avoid same.
What Works Clearinghouse
Discovering and disseminating "what works" was DE's original mission when it was formed in 1867. WWC rates the effectiveness of specific educational programs. Their partner site, Doing What Works, provides educational practices to teachers.
Educational Resources Information Center
Perhaps educators will be better at negotiating this part of DE's site than we were. We wish them well.
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
FREE is the DE's directory of websites, from the National Archives to PBS, covering topics such as music, art, science and history. Their quality is as varied as the organizations that developed them, but the DE has gone a long way to chose the best open access sites available.
This includes a number of things, but we especially like the PDFs geared to parents with advice on helping their children learn to read, become reponsible citizens, succeed in school, do homework and learn math, history and science.
Archives of Information on Priorities of Previous Administrations
Covering only Clinton and Bush II, we find this page, in comparing desires with results, not a pretty read.
National Center for Education Statistics
Enrollment, achievement and comparisons, including those between US educational performance and other nations, plus the Nation's Report Card.
No Child Left Behind
The Bush Adminstration's educational program, complete with policies and the text of the "No Child Left Behind" Act. See also Comprehensive School Reform Program.
Office of Student Financial Aid
Apply on line. Plus reports and data.
Office of the Inspector General
The IG keeps an eye on how the money is spent. See what he thinks.
Religion and Education
Mandated guidance on the subject from the Secretary of Education.
Speeches and Testimony
From the Secretary and other Department officials. See also Press releases.

GPOAccess Resources: Education
Selected laws plus federal education regulations, legislation, publications and other resources from the Government Printing Office.