OOOOThe Department of Defense


00000It's probably best to browse through DoD Web Sites below. It may be that under the Obama Administration the DoD website has gained a bit of transparency (there certainly seems to be more to look at), but like all organizations - public and private - the DoD prefers to emphasize the positive.

The official site.
The PR wing of Defense, where the DoD makes known what it wants you to know.
DoD Web Sites
Complete listing of sites available from the Department of Defence.
Air Force
Lacks a site index except a list of bases and their specialties.
Army A - Z: Index to Army links.
Site Map: Index to Marine links.
Navy Index: Navy links.
DoD Office of the Inspector General
The IG, like IGs in all departments, is the independent internal watchdog reporting to the Secretary of Defense and to Congress. This is the DoD page where one is most likely to get an inkling of what is not well in Defense.
Stars and Stripes
A "Department of Defense-authorized daily newspaper" distributed to the military community overseas, it nonetheless operates free of control and censorship, and provides a refreshing and candid perspective on the life and experiences of service personnel.
2009 Progress Report
A brief overview of the Obama Administraion's plans for the DoD.
Freedom of Information Act
Good luck.


Center For Defense Information
Non-governmental Defense Department watchdog.
Government Printing Office: Military & Security Resources
Access to the primary documents surrounding 9/11 and the Iraq War, along with Congressional reports, excerpts from the Code of Federal Regulations pertaining to defense, security and intelligence entities, military and security legislation and links to other resources.
Military Spot
Military and military-related links, news, services and advocacy provided to the military community unaffliated with the DoD or the US Government.
The National Security Archive
From George Washington University, a law firm specializing in Freedom of Information Act proceedings. Everything from Saddam Hussein to the Diem Coup.