OOOOThe Department of Commerce



The official site.
" Bureau of Economic Analysis
The big numbers broken down into national, international, regional and industry statistics: GDP, personal income, economic output, balance of payments, etc.
Bureau of Industry and Security
Regulates exports in context of national security and foreign policy, including dual-use exports.
A portal for all sorts of government information, it is a junior version of FirstGov, but still useful. The problem with this, as with similar sites, is that there's so much to know, it's difficult to find what one wants.
International Trade Administration
Government advocacy and assistance to domestic exporters, export statistics and compliance with fair trade laws. For statistics go to Industry Trade, Data and Analysis which among other things lists our major trading parrtners and basic information on the impact of foreign trade on domestic industry and emplyment.
National Institute of Standards and Technology
More than weights, measures and time standardization, this is the scientific lobe of the Commerce brain. While there is far more sophisticated information here, we especially like the conversion tables of weights and measures which address almost every measure in the English speaking world.
" National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAA is the environmental arm of Commerce, one of those agencies that makes one wonder why it is where it is. It was probably once believed, correctly, that commerce depends on the state of the natural world, but NOAA has gone beyond this. Its most well-known arm is probably the National Weather Service, but it also monitors the oceans, the climate and the environment in depth and detail from an extensive system of NOAA satellites.
National Technical Information Service
Searchable database of publications on business, environment (EPA Superfund and global warming), health, the military and NTSB reports.There is a charge for many documents.
National Telecommunication and Information Administration
Allocates radio frequency spectrum (with map) and internet domain names.
SciTech Resources
Science, technology, food & health resources.
" United States Census Bureau
Unquestionably the most important source of statistical information on the nation. The site is probably as easy to use as it can be considering both its scope and the level of detail it provides.
" A to Z Subject List
OOOEssentially an index to the Bureau's statistics
" American Factfinder
OOOThe Census Bureau's public user-friendly portal.
" Census 2000 Gateway
OOOA good place to start. The Gateway provides a fascinating sample of what the Bureau offers.
" Statistical Abstract of the United States
OOOIf it can be reduced to numbers, it's probably here. The Abstract covers a whole panoply of topics.
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Look up who owns what.