OOOOThe Department of Agriculture


The official site.
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Veterinary accreditation, animal diseases and US biogen regulations
Agricultural Marketing Service
A cornucopia of market news reports, state marketing profiles, federal rule-making, board appointments, farmers' markets and the new organic foods standards.
1 Agricultural Research Service
Information on nutrition and consumption, not all of it easily accessible. Use the "Browse by Subject" menu.
Archives: Agricultural Research magazine, news releases, briefing papers and reports of selected research projects. All articles available back to 1995.
" National Agricultural Library: A major public face of the Department and a source of a diverse variety of information. See also their digital repository which spotlights papers from the past, some decades old, and offers a Browse feature to investigate many more. If it has, or has had something to do with agriculture, you'll probably find it here.
Research: Links to Ag research projects
" Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
Nutrition information and the food pyramid.
" Economic Research Service
Statistics on the economic impact of issues having to do with food, nutrition and agriculture, as well as USDA policies..
Economics, Statistics and Market Information
A collaboration between Cornell University and the USDA, the site offers data on agricultural output, trade and practices.
Farm Service Agency
Farm loans, crop assistance and disaster relief, price supports and land conservation.
" Food and Nutrition Sevice
Food stamp, WIC and nutrition educations.
" Food and Nutrition Information Center
Includes information on suppliments, the food pyramid and a searchable food composition database.
" Food Safety and Inspection Service
Look for "Food Safety Information and Consumer Education".
" Forest Service
Forest management, forest fires and timber cutting.
" National Agricultural Statistics Service
How many and how much for all things agricultural.
" Natural Resources Conservation Service
Soil and wetlands conservation including farm/ranching/environment issues.
Office of the Chief Economist
To quote: The Office of the Chief Economist (OCE) advises the Secretary on the economic implications of policies and programs affecting the U.S. food and fiber system and rural areas as well as coordinates, reviews, and approves the Department's commodity and farm sector forecasts.
Research and Science
Pretty much what it says.
Risk Management Agency
The crop insurance program.
Rural Business Cooperative Service
Provides money and resources for rural businesses and co-ops.
Rural Housing Service
Grants and loans for rural home-ownership and repair.
Rural Utilities Service
Grants and loans for water, health, education and utilities infrastructure in rural areas.